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One of a kind, hand-signed, acrylic marker on watercolor paper • 18x24” (22x28" framed.) Completed September 25, 2022.

Titles given by viewers like you:

”Today We Namaste” - Danni M.
”Communitie Space” - Eric P.
”The Plaids are here” - Danielle P.
”Dance of the flamingo faeries” - Cinda L.
”To your hearts content” - Nicole G.
”A Community of Love” - Maureen M.
”B School” - Lisa A.
”Marigold” - Dena B.
”Dancing Matryoshka” - Maggie D.
”Eye Music” - Cynde S.
”DART KO” - Kristin L.
”Daily Grind” - Chris S.