Title Me!

The 'Title Me!' Project began while I was in the Visual Communication department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Sharing my abstract drawings to my peers, I’d say, “What would you title this?” The question entitled each person to interpret what I was showing them and take ownership of it by giving it a title. Without fail, the title illustrated ways of interpreting the drawing I’d never even thought of. I was fascinated that abstract work could be so widely and diversely interpreted, if a viewer was engaged enough with it. They’d look up at me and say, “Is that was it is?” And inevitably, the answer had to be “Yes!” It didn’t matter if it was something I could even imagine or create myself, the interpretation of it and their own perspective was what interested me far beyond any original intention of mine.

In 2005, I started posting my drawings in online art communities. I labeled each post, “Title me!” with little to no other explanation. The creativity immediately began pouring in from everywhere. Hilarious, poetic, silly and downright brilliant titles were posted, and I began to record each title. Whenever possible, previously given titles are included with an opportunity to add to the collection. 

jemal diamond