South Core North - mixed media collage

“South Core North” (40×16.75” acrylic on recycled cardboard, mounted to panel) is my illustrative musing on the Google campus planned around the Diridon Train Station, in San Jose, California, a few blocks from my art studio. The plan is said to include 80 acres of mixed-use land, 7 million square feet of office space, and house up to 25,000 employees. The piece explores themes of population density, public vs. private space, and the influence of User Interface on our contemporary visual landscape.

Timelapse video, first session, arranging. 

South Core North - Jemal Diamond

I’m inspired by landscapes and technology, urban planning, and abstracted and deconstructed imagery. The piece was created for a curated art show on Art and Politics, premiering the non-profit San José Arts Advocates. SJAA is a collaborative of the San José creative community dedicated to education, advocacy, and action to support arts and culture.