2021MAR11 8x10" Framed

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One-of-a-kind, hand-signed, acrylic marker on paper, 8x10"
(11x14" Framed).

Finished March 11, 2021.

Titles given by viewers like you:

" Paradise Country" - Erin B.
"Toucan Sam hops a hedge" - Angela Gee
"Bahama Mamas” - Cinda L.
"Clawk" - Cynde S.
“Jungle Fever” - Adry
“How Does Your Garden Grow” - Lisa A.
“Phases of the Green Cheese Moon” - Kristin L.
“Hidden in the Leaves” - Sherry K.
“Gardens of the Galapagos” - Angela G.
“It ain’t easy being green from Kermit” - Tama T.
“Peekaboo Olive Juice” - SVP
“Over the Hedges” - Paul C.
“A garden stroll to clear the mind” - Amanda
 “ChloraFeel!” - Brande W.