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One of a kind, hand-signed, acrylic marker on watercolor paper • 18x24” (22x28" FRAMED). Framed and ready to hang! Completed September 14, 2023.

Titles given by viewers like you:

"Dance of the Green Goddess" - Heather
”Do you think my jewelry is too much?” - Candace D.
”Seaweed Society” or “Pickleweed Empire” - Kristin L.
”Fraggle Rock” - Lisa A.
”Mystic Forest Dance” - Jayashree S.
”The Palm Frond Dance” - Paul R.
“Flock Together” - Jen R.
”Temple of Dance” or “Forest Beauties” - Anna M.
"Enchanted Garden" - Bell O.
"Seaweed Waves" - Anonymous
"Agave Dancing" - Anonymous
"Girl, Jade" - Anonymous
"Dancers" - Anonymous
"Bamboo, Rampant" - Robin
"Lawn Party" - Sara
"Dancing Grass" - Anonymous
”Step Lively” - Chuka S.
”Green Goddess” - Tim R.
”Green is my earth” - Danielle P.