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One of a kind, hand-signed, acrylic marker on watercolor paper • 9x12” (12x16" FRAMED). Framed and ready to hang

Finished January 22, 2023.

Titles given by viewers like you:

“The sun and the blood dagger” - Jonovan D.
"Golden bookshelf" - Maggie D.
"Yellow Submarine" - Rob B.
"Golden Geometry" - Heidi R.
"The doorman will take the luggage" - Lauren S.
"Wheels Up, Mustard Dog!" - Lisa A.
"Corn Chex" - Matt S.
"Beep beep boop boop" - Annie 
"Yellow Jacket" or "Killer Beez" - Steven R.
"Swirl eyes" - Eric P.
"Kitchenette" - Lisa P.
"Yellow School Bus Takes a Break" - Susan L.
"Queen Sun Machine" or "Sponge Bob's Complicated Sister" - Kristin L.
"They call me mellow yellow" - John H.
"My shit is NOT together" - Theresa D.
"Morning has Broken" - Sherry K.
"Not so mellow yellow" - Caroline L.