ArtSpan Flower Power Happy Hour Art Walk

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love – ARTSpan’s Art-in-Neighborhood’s program presents the Flower Power Happy Hour Art Walk! Currently on view and for sale at The Marker Hotel, San Francisco, three of my favorites available in limited-edition prints:

“Double Dare”
title by Chuka C. 26″x34″
The Beating of My Heart in Stereo” title by Susan L. 26″x26″
Traveling Treasures” title by Kristin L. 26″x26″ 

Join the ArtSpan Flower Power Happy Hour, Art-In-Neighborhoods Art Walk
Thursday, July 20, 4:30pm-9:00pm 

Join ArtSpan for an art walk through five of our Art-In-Neighborhoods Exhibitions. Enjoy an Artist Reception with Happy Hour refreshments at each location. All five venues are within walking distance (0.7 miles total area). The full art walk can be completed in 15 minutes, but you’ll want to stick around for more at each happy hour event! Click here for Google map.

ArtSpan_FlowerPower_map4:30-6:30pm – The Mosser Hotel –  54 4th Street, SF, CA 94103
Featuring ArtSpan Artists: Hemali AcharyaRobert HowardSophia Lee & Matthew Priest

5-7pm – CounterPulse – 80 Turk Street, SF, CA 94102
Featuring ArtSpan Artists: Tracy Taylor Grubbs

6-8pm – Hotel Adagio – 550 Geary Street, SF, CA 94102
Featuring ArtSpan Artists: Denise Dmochowski, Robert HowardSophia LeeNatalia Lvova &Matthew Priest

6-8pm – The Marker Hotel – 501 Geary Street, SF, CA 94102
Featuring ArtSpan Artists: Nash Bellows, Jemal Diamond, Anna Gelman, Scott Idleman, & Natalia Lvova

7-9pm – PianoFight – 144 Taylor Street, SF, CA 94102
ArtSpan Artists: TBA

About the Art-in-Neighborhoods Program:
ArtSpan’s Art-in-Neighborhoods program serves the city of San Francisco by connecting communities with local artists while activating spaces with vibrant, locally-made artwork. ArtSpan partners with local businesses and building owners to bring art exhibitions and art events to businesses, dormant storefronts, and empty spaces for lease that seek artwork for their blank walls. Local artists who are ArtSpan members are given the opportunity to display, promote, and sell their artwork in these diverse venues. All aspects of the program allow otherwise unused walls, spaces, or properties to become creative arenas for celebrating local arts.

2016 Sunnyvale Library Art Show

Two day ART SHOW at the Sunnyvale Public Library. Check out Sunnyvale Art Club’s summer show, this weekend!

Saturday, June 11, 12pm-6pm
Sunday, June 12, 12pm-5pm

ARTISTS RECEPTION: Saturday, June 11 @ 12pm.

Beautiful framed archival prints for sale at get-it-now prices!

“A King Hearts His Brew…” title by Lynita S.
“Interplanetary noise” title by Alma R.
“Look at my blue fingers! Yikes!” title by Jane H.
“Even The Sunshine Gets The Blues” title by Lisa A.



Title me! #Mapstoheaven series ongoing

“Playground at the new  HQ” – Mike V.

“Turtles in the park” – Sophia

“Plan to Recycle at your Local Park!” – Kerry P.

“Showtime!” – Jim K.

“A familiar road” – Yoonjo & Ritz

“The Game of Life” – Laurel D.



Title me! #Mapstoheaven series ongoing

“Birthday Over Football Park” – Kristin L.

“Map of the park” – Sophie K.

“Urban Crop Circles” – Lucky L.

“Round About” – Lisa A.

“Mickey’s Football Field on High” – Jane H.

they wish they wore a parachute” – Tiffany B.

“They play for life.” – Jed D.

“15 is the loneliest number” – Sheila R.



Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“I could see his tactics, but where was the strategy?” – Michael E.

“Map of the waves” – Jonovan D.

“Safety Zone” – Lisa A.

“Plate-tec-tonics” – Jim K.

“War Of The Primary Colors” – Kristin L.



Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“If you’re headed north, take a right at the huge mini golf course…” – Mike V.

“Central Park Sperm” – Lisa A.

“The Landscape…” – Lynita S.

“View Out the Window Seat – Prepare for Landing – I Can See My Pool!” – Jilian C.

“Emerald City Drone” – Kristin L.




Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“The boy in the giant costume of the bloofer berry.” – Jonovan D.

“Urban Planning” – Lisa A.

“Waka Jawaka” – Jim K.

“Bart Simpson in Africa” – Gareth A.

“Decisions,decisions……” – Lisa L.

“Out of Africa” – Kristin L.

“Mostly clear to the East while sunny to the North although a tiny chance of chili pepper, the South is under a giant Spleen warning and 100% chance of poop for those in the flyover region!” – Chad H.

Halfway through 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015

I’m halfway through 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015, my drawing-a-day project for the year. HUNDREDS of titles have been contributed. They are amazing! Don’t miss YOUR chance to add your own creative titles and be included in the 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015 Art Book I’ll do at the end of the year. All contributors will get a FREE digital copy.

TitleMe Book Ad1 2015
How to add your titles: Subscribe to thejemalshow Art Blog, get a new drawing in your email inbox everyday (more or less), and post comments in reply. You can also follow and comment on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or the RSS feed.


2015-06-06Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“The hamster experience” – Lauren E.

“Barney’s Patchwork Neck” – Mike K.

“Umbilical” – Judy W.

“It’s How You Play” – Kristin L.

“Luxury Hamster Habitat” – Stephanie P.

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