2016 Sunnyvale Library Art Show

Two day ART SHOW at the Sunnyvale Public Library. Check out Sunnyvale Art Club’s summer show, this weekend!

Saturday, June 11, 12pm-6pm
Sunday, June 12, 12pm-5pm

ARTISTS RECEPTION: Saturday, June 11 @ 12pm.

Beautiful framed archival prints for sale at get-it-now prices!

“A King Hearts His Brew…” title by Lynita S.
“Interplanetary noise” title by Alma R.
“Look at my blue fingers! Yikes!” title by Jane H.
“Even The Sunshine Gets The Blues” title by Lisa A.

Sunnyvale Art Club – Holiday Show

My introduction to the Sunnyvale art scene. “Golden couple” title by Kristin Lawrence, “The female dreams she’s a robot” title by Gail Rastorfer, and never-before-shown “Untitled 111605_1” ink on vellum on view and for sale at the Sunnyvale Art Club holiday art show.

December 1 to January 2, 2016
Sunnyvale Art Gallery
251 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Artist Reception: Dec. 5, 2-4pm


Halfway through 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015

I’m halfway through 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015, my drawing-a-day project for the year. HUNDREDS of titles have been contributed. They are amazing! Don’t miss YOUR chance to add your own creative titles and be included in the 365 Days of “TitleMe!” 2015 Art Book I’ll do at the end of the year. All contributors will get a FREE digital copy.

TitleMe Book Ad1 2015
How to add your titles: Subscribe to thejemalshow Art Blog, get a new drawing in your email inbox everyday (more or less), and post comments in reply. You can also follow and comment on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or the RSS feed.


011306_4Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe

“Self-Consuming Crocodile” • “drowning” • “screaming chicken with metal wings bouncing on a red volleyball” • “Tympany Armature” • “alligator tango” • “Crazy Gail the Grooving Crocodile” • “spiritualized” • “drowning bird” • “sex act” • “drowning” • “screaming chicken with metal wings bouncing on a red volleyball”

What’s your title?


Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“Inc.” • “ferris wheel” • “possibility tree” • “Bable-rific!” • “Praying at the God’s-Eye Tree” • “The Self-Creation Machine – For those who want to be different, just like everyone else!” • “Watch the jellyfish, it will guide you towards other jellyfish (It’s a trap!)” • “another day at the tomato factory” • “Praying at the God’s-Eye Tree” • “Zipper” • “The Network Tree” • “ferris wheel” • “London Eye” • “I’m a giant alien christmas tree… why don’t the little people look at me?” • “mobile transit” • “Godzilla Strikes Again” • “Waiting for the apartment”


120405_2Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“Granite Groove 33n3” • “Aztec Underground” • “erotic stimulation acupuncture machine facial – $40 per session” • “And the Crowd Went Wild” • “Nail-head Swooning for Sexy Cellist Sounds”

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