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What it is!
thejemalshow is artwork by Jemal Diamond. Jemal is a native Californian, who cut his teeth on the not-so-mean streets of Chicago and now resides in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with his beautiful wife Maggie, and son Jonovan.

Jemal holds an MFA in Visual Communication from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, and a BFA in Performance from Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts in St. Louis, MO.

Story time!
Sit down, let me tell you a story!  It’s wild and fun, but everyone dies at the end. It’s wonderfully wicked but sweet as sugar.  It’s best told with all the lights out, and under the covers. It’s really weird with a wonderful mix of spirited magic, horrible tragedy and lots of kissing. There’s light and dark, good and evil, peaks and valleys, and a couple of car chases. There are three prat-falls, and a twist or two… just to keep you guessing. It’s hot and steamy and a little dirty. It’s so exciting it will take your breath away. It steals it in the thick of night and runs across the forest with it. There are fluffy white clouds and dark hard rains. There is seemingly insurmountable despair, but joy beyond compare. Get ready! It’s about to begin…


A transdisciplinary visual artist versed in diverse media disciplines, Jemal’s work has been seen at Space B (San Jose, CA), The Marker Hotel (with ArtSpan, San Francisco, CA), Works/San José (San José, CA), Las Laguna Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA), with RAW Artists – San Francisco, ARTwork SF (San Francisco, CA), at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), Atlanta International Airport (with Art House Co-op), Red Door Gallery (Oakland, CA), 20th Street Art Gallery (Sacramento, CA), Rock! Paper! Scissors! Gallery (Oakland, CA), Cricket Engine Gallery (Oakland, CA), The Living Room Gallery (Berkeley, CA), Front Room Gallery (Chicago, IL), Telophase Collective (Chicago, IL), G2 Gallery at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in private collection. His design work has been featured in Footlights Magazine and has appeared in the Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, New City, American Theater Magazine, Chicago Plays Magazine, Jewish Daily News, Lerners Newspaper, The Stanford Daily and The School of the Art Institute’s FNews magazine.

On abstracts and interactivity.
It’s the way you can look at something once and see one thing and later see something so completely different. It isn’t the picture that has changed, it’s you. The problem with abstract work is my desire to recognize something, “Well what is it?” If it is too abstract and I can’t see anything, I don’t like it.  But if something sparks, a recognition of something, a familiar form, a gesture, facial impression, a color combination, even a mood. Then things begin. If I choose, and am so inspired, I can create my own story, my own reason. It’s my own impression and it comes purely from my past, perspective and mood. Suddenly, the intention is revealed.  To create that simple spark.  The “Title me!” project began in art school where I’d bring my drawings to my peers and say, “I need a title.”  Immediately, the piece became theirs to interpret and lay their own mark and perspective on it.  I immediately adored the titles and have collected thousands. It is only then, when the viewer talks back that I am engaged by the most.




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  1. “Hey! Close your eyes! Keep them closed! Now… Listen to this!!” ( SOUND: whewh whewh whewh whewh whewh; repeated several times! )
    – Jemal Diamond, (1988/89?), while quickly drawing stars on a piece of paper

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