Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“Falling” – Kathleen W.

“130, 131, 132…” – Michael E.

“🎶we are the champions🎶” – Lisa A.

“Alien With 17 Arms & Legs” – Kristin L.

“17 is a busy time of life” or “Seventeen frenzy” or “Seventeen and all alive” – Sandy M.

“And the days slip away” – Sherry K.

“Horseshoes and hat” – John H.

“Wrestling with Ants under the pale moonlight” – Jim K.

“Prisoner Transport” – Maggie D.

“Jail bird” – Cooper L.

“Seventeen Swing” – Cinda L.

“They were going for ten but Sam wasn’t sure he would last another round.” – Tami L.

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