2015-03-16Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe

“Fiddler Crab” – Merlin R.

“Jazz Fusion” – Carlee L.

“mantis man and his one man band” – Janelle H.

“Tortoise Tango,” “Gopher Gig,” “Turtle Tunes? – Chandy C.

“A hot mess” – Nancy J.

“I was an octopus in another life. I kept the arms. I get so much more accomplished!” – Lisa A.

“The Hairdresser’s Pick & Roll” – Nicole E.

“What do you get when you cross a lobster with a circuit board?” – Bil W.

“It’s Really Just an Earring” – Russell J.

“Favorite Abstract Mutant Turtle” or “Look Me Square In The Eye & Feel Some Pins & Needles” – Kristin L.

“Staff of Life” – Cinda L.

“Guitar man” – John H.

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