Titles given by viewers:
“Rollo Tamassee” • “Apparently French” • “Pour toi, mon cherie” • “things during the moustache competeition beacame unbearably weird” • “tall poppies and bottom feeders” • “Puppeteer Musketeer With String” • “Allo Mademoiselle, your tattoo of the face is so deliciously avant-garde. I must nibble it, oui?” • “Breakfast with Pier’e (french like lol)” • “not a good idea (i see a dirty old man and a she-man :O )” • “Smile For The Camera, You Fat Fuck! (or: Misadventure At Euro Disney)” • “I Love Paris in the Sepian Springtime” • “Sue Feeds the Dinosaurs At the Zoo” • “a machine of french impossibilites” • “hunchback of notre dam”

What’s your title?

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