Titles given by viewers:
“itsy bitsy spider” • “After the Earthquake, The House Began to Eat People” • “That’s MS. Muffet to you, squirt!” • “Miss Muffet grows a pair” • “The Hand’s Eye” • “Birdhouse Boogie” • “The greenhouse” • “Second Story Daffodil” • “Help Me! Help Me! (a la Vincent Price)” • “For the Examination of Self and Insect Life in a Period of Change” • “lonely chicken” • “chicken run” • “Nutcracker…” • “i caught me a spider” • “Examiner” • “Premarital Affairs During the Last Moments of the Hindenburg, and Other Tales I Have Yet to Tell You, My Children” • “Barefoot Fisherman” • “The greenhouse” • “Juniper Rising” • “Death of Spike” • “The cheerful collector” • “bye” • “Swallowed by Time!” • “Kiss and Tell in Zero Gee”

What’s your title?

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