Titles given by viewers:
“the piano man” • “Left ear dyptych possibilities” • “My Runneth Over Cup” • “frozen yogurt” • “Spring Boy” • “cosmo and wanda from the fairly odd parents” • “Put that ham in my mouth!” • “heels over head” • “Phyllis Diller Brushing her Teeth” • “There’s something terribly wrong with this yoga class” • “stumpers the accident prone bunny” • “Oops, dropped my Jemal signature again!” • “gravitas” • “Court Jester comes Undone” • “Oh Mayan” • “Handstands are my new favorite!” • “Round around the Roundabout” • “Food For Thought” • “Rodeo Formality” • Chicken dinner accordian” • “Look! I can still do a handstand!” • “One-man marching band/Dyllanesque” • “Brainiac” • “The Angry King”

What’s your title?

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