Titles given by viewers:
“Riding Rocinante” • “Jimmy Hendrix Through the Eyes of Picasso” • “Moose” • “When He Played Guitar, You Could Hear Hendrix” • “Banjo the Cowboy” • “Cowpoke Preacherman” • “hope springs eternal” • “the cowboy had a surprisingly big heart” • “From the movie Sling Blade: ‘I lak a way yoo tawk, mmhmmm.’” • “i’m a french cowboy (in honor of Corky and the Juice Pigs)” • “My Miro Loves Me” • “Amore del cowboy” • “Quixote.” • “I see through you, joel. I see through your fake Italian accent, your funny hat, your devil may care attitude. You are not happy and those are not your clothes.” • “Uncle Gadget” • “Howdy Little Lady”

What’s your title?

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