Title holder for ‘Most Titles’ with a whopping 39 titles and counting!

Titles given by viewers:
“In the outer galaxies, Galactus eats the planets with his high heels on!” • “black and white abortion on the other side of the rainbow” • “guitar junkie” • “Intravenous Drug Use at 3,000 mph While Reading Excerpts from The Satanic Bible to the Blind” • “midnight wrangler” • “an eclectic muse” • “waiting” • “Ladies with Cake” • “La señora Miró” • “Moonlight Dance” • “love came from outer space” • “Ronsforth the Third Experiencing Gastric Irritations While on Vacation in Bolivia” • “The Planet as the Sun versus the Abstract Creature that is the Universe” • “I saw the Sun. You saw the Sun. It happened again and again. Surprise.” • “Dancing in the sunlight” • “The Hungry Pregnant Woman (eyeing the cake in front of her with absolutely abandoned delight)” • “I Wanna Go Home” • “When Frankenfoods mate” • “she’s a brick house” • “The world is our oyster” • “The Sun is a Social Creature” • “one man band who missed the city by the bay” • “Rainy Day Women number 2007” • “the man who ate the world (then moved on the mars)” • “Al Capone Blues” • “pas sans reflexion, pas de deux” • “mr. jollies: the fat man” • “the line dance” • “making babies in the moonlight” • “Hide the meteor” • “meteor chicken” • “El Senor” • “When Atlas Converses with the Sun” • “Too Many Feet For This World” • “Do you want fries with that?” • “Steppin’ out with my baby steppin’ out” • “The ideal city where you can dance” • “love on parade in the city” • “yooo hooooo 🙂 i like this scrabled eggs look to the art its got joy love peace and bobby sherman 🙂 ITS faaaaabulous jr lenny”

What’s your title?

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