Title me! 042906_1

Titles given by viewers:
“barcode clown” • “ronald mc shprawnauld” • “sadly…the clown gets taken down by a barcode” • “Everyone loves a clown, except for me” • “the all-new super-speed graviton clown highway, for all your super-speed clown needs!” • “omg wheeee!” • “Bungee All Wrong” • “That fucking clown owes me money!” • “The Runaway Puppet” • “crime spree” • “omg wheeee!” • “Cocoa the Clown” • “Mincing Crazed Clown Man” • “Eight years with George W” • “Robot Skeleton Clown fights the evil Barcode” • “attakkkkkk!!!!” • “SHOT OUT OF A CANNON” • “happy dance” • “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” • “The bandit resting on a picket fence” • “Killer Piano” • “Continually verging left” • “Warp-drive clowntainment” • “Pole-dancing Trails” • “The Clown from Outer-space” • “Coded Clown” • “bar nun” • “Escape” • “ Emergency Room”

What’s your title?

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