032005_1Titles given by viewers like you. What’s YOUR title? #TitleMe!

“And the Plastic Fantastic Played On” • “Take me out to the bandshell” • “Sewer Cover Jive” • “brocoli produced from this strange electric apparatus must taste much better than regular brocoli” • “City of Industry (side view)” • “Electric Cauliflower” • “74 Volt Veggie Adapter” • “Voodoo City” • “Map” • “I’d rather be here” • “The Mechanic” • “Foreplay” • “inside” • “World on Edge” • “blueprint for a robot’s daydream.” • “under the tunnel and through the woods” • “tri-state metro” • “¿Futuristic Utopianistic?” [If you will notice there are two wedges missing where the red and purple trees once stood, but now it lies in ruin and the greed of the three remainders will eventually consume thier world whole.] • “Pre building approval plans for the coliseum, made by senator on cocktail napkin.” • “…to Electro-Grandma’s House we go!”

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